Grisette RVA
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Grisette is an American take on the classic French Bouchon- an owner operated, neighborhood joint that is open to all, focusing on the food provided to us by those who farm here, as mother nature makes it available.  Our food is unfussy, to be eaten with good drink, and enjoyed in chatty company.  Our jobs as restaurant folks is to do very little; pay attention to detail and let the ingredients do the talking.  Oysters, cheese, charcuterie, and a wood fired rotisserie push our daily menu in a simple but delicious direction.

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401 N 27th ST

Located in the historic Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, Donnie Glass’ first restaurant is a culmination of decades of compounded experience in the hospitality world.  We aim to be open late this summer, and are happy to answer any questions- email us! 

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The Crew..

Our team is made up of cooks, coffee addicts, bakers, cocktail-istas, wine nerds, beer enthusiasts, and altogether passionate individuals.  We don’t care much for titles, think little of “the rules”, and we’re a little loud.  We like Champagne, funky reds, and dark liquor (usually in that order), and we hug around here.  Restaurants and hospitality have always been, in the words of Patrick O’Connell, “a consuming passion” for us- we love what we do, and we’re not apologetic about any of it.  Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge and unique skill set to the table.  When you come by, introduce yourself!  We’re excited to meet you.



3119 E Marshall ST
Richmond, VA 23223